San Andreas Modifications

ini gudang nya Mod Graphic San Andreas,banyak disini yg bisa di MixMod :r gimana selera aja sih hehe, kalo racikan ane bisa liat DISINI :D

ENB SA Settings

-BLITZ-'s ENB Settings Image
Beenja's ENB Settings
[GwM]Chavez's Awesome Graphic ENB Setts 1
[FDC]NYZE.ONE's Edit of Maks44100 ENB Image
CreatorCreatureSpore'sENB Settings
Denny_2x10's ENB Settings Image
Dumbass-Productions's ENB Settings Image
Dumbass-Productions's New ENB Settings Image
GameModder8's ENB Settings Image
ItsAllAboutGTA's iCandy 1.6D Images
ivars SA HD Render Images
JustaRandomUser's ENB Graphics Enhancement v1.6
JF-Mir2's ENB Settings Image
JF-Mir2's HD ENB Pack V2 Image
kami.'s ENB Settings Image
kubbi's ENB Settings
Lil'Q's ENB Settings
LTK's ENB Settings Image
LTK's Edit of nWo51289 ENB Image
maks44100's ENB Settings Image
Marty McFly ENB 2.0 "Californian Sun" Image Image2
Marty McFly's 1.5 Christmas update Image
Meedo's ENB Settings Image
methodunderg's ENB Newbies Pack V2 (Highly recommended for newcomers)
miko NB's ENB SettingsImage
mike_samaki's Return to Summer Settings Image
nm69's ENB Settings
nWo51289's ENB Settings Image
nWo51289's SA IV Graphics Image
nWo51289's Graphics Overhaul Beta Version 1 Image
nWo51289's Graphics Overhaul Beta 1.1 "Hybrid" Images
persetan's ENB Settings Image
rabiemehdi's ENB Settings
rabiemehdi's Updated ENB Config Image
rollout's Lil'Q Tweak
StunterDan's Sweet ENB Next Generation
Syphonosis's ENB Settings
Syphonosis's ENB Settings for SAMP
T.A.Z's ENB Settings Image
themars2011's IV Shadows to SA Image
tatui's ENB+SAGFX Settings Image
tatui's SanAndreas RAGE Beta Image
TheD199434's ENB Settings Image
TheD94's EnbD94 2.012 Beta
TNS's Graphics IMprovement v2.0 Image
XMakarusX's ENB Settings v1.0
XMakarusX's DirectX v1.1 Beta
Zikone's ENB Settings Image 

Shaders Effects

HDR effect.txt
Boris Vorontsov's Sharpen & Noise effect.txt
Boris Vorontsov's DOS effect.txt (Gives SA old graphical look)
Boris Vorontsov's TES Oblivion effect.txt (Custom Bloom Effect)
Boris Vorontsov's Blue Sharp Shift effect.txt (Increases perception of reality as if taken by a digital camera)
DKT70's Sharpen Shader Test v2 effect.txt
DKT70's Tone Mapping Test Shader effect.txt (This effect allows changes to exposure, gamma, vignette, blue shift, and lens filter effects)
DKT70's Tone Mapping+Sharpening+Desaturation effect.txt
Dpeasant's effect.txt 1.2 (Sharpening, Burring, Noise)
FXAA v3 effect.txt
FXAA package (includes L3EVO 8-7 effect.txt)
iCEnhancer 1.2 effect.txt
iCEnhancer 1.25 effect.txt (H1Vltg3's Edit)
oCain's Effect Pack (BlackWhite, Posterize, Cartoon, NegOffset effects among others)

Post-Processing Anti-Liaising Injectors

InjectFXXAA Beta9 + PP V3 with Sharpening
InjectFXXAA Beta10 + Custom Shader Sharpening
injFXAA GUI Tool
FXAA D3D9 Rearranged v.0.3
mrhaandi's injectSMAA v1.2


[GwM]Chavez's Palettes Pack 1 Image
[GwM]Chavez's Palettes Pack 2 Preview 1 Preview 2
rollout's Palettes Pack Image


enbseries v0.075 rearranged (Files moved into a 'enb' folder)
enbseries v0.075c3 rearranged (Bump map version, same purpose as above)

Global Mods

-BLITZ-'s SRT3 1.7 (SanAndreas Retextured)
Flame's HRT Pack 1.3 (Alternative to SRT)
Flame's Endless Summer: Full Edition
Flame's Autumn Sunshine
tatui's GTASA4EVER Beta Image


Kromvell, Blackhole, Magnum Project Oblivion 2010HQ
Kromvell, Blackhole, Magnum, AlfaMAN Project Oblivion 2010HQ v1.1 Image
vurt's Better Colours for PO 2010
Dumbass-Production's SA Vegetation Pack 3.0
Black Hole-PG's Perfect Vegetation V2
YourCreatedHell's Behind Space of Realities 2012 Palms Part 1.0
YourCreatedHell's Crysis Palm Beta
Tony Resta's High-Res Plant Textures
von Black usrer-PG & kromvel's Real Palms v2.0
Dumbass-Production, Dragozool, [GwM]Chavez, YourCreatedHell, Kromvell, Blackhole, Magnum, methodunderg Vegetation Pack v3+Project Drago-Chavez+BSOR Fix (Bonus - Crysis Island) (A pack with different vegetation mods combined together by methodunderg)


Marty McFly's New Real Grass
vurt's GTA:SA Grass
DeathBloody's Skyrim Grass Image


Dimon-Storm's Grand Timecyc (Beta 1.0) Image
ALEX's Timecycle
Bluedagger46's Timecycle
Flame's Spring Season 2 Timecycle
gtanmir's Timecycle
GTASanAndreas12345's Timecycle
GTASanAndreas12345's Timecycle VC
j3smoove's Timecycle
Project Reality 2.4 Timecycle
Project Reality 2.5 Test Timecycle
SA DX10 1.1 Timecycle
Shaker's Timecycle
Tripod's Timecycle
UGE 2.2 Timecycle
VitamiN's Autumn 2 SA Timecycle
xNeDiX's Autumn 2 SA Timecycle
iCEnhancer Timecycle Beta
Lil'Q's Timecycle
rcguy150's Timecycle
persetan's j3smoove's Tweaked Timecycle
mcsim2401's All Versions Adaptation Mod
Gostown Paradise Beta 0.066c RC2 Timecycle Image

Building Textures

Knochen's Interiors Retextured Mirror (Thanks JF-Mir2 icon14.gif )
ludi911's Shop Textures
Marty McFly's Grove Street Retextured

Road Textures

AlfaMAN's New Roads HQ Image
base05's Todas Ruas GTA IV para GTA SA v.3.0 Image
Nite's New Roads

Water Textures

Marty McFly's ENB Water
Captaine-crabe's ENB Series Water


Urvanfromeecrew's Real Sky Effects Image
tatui's Coronastars 1 2 & 3
DK22Pac's IVLM2.0 Test #5


Dumbass-Productions's Clouds Image
Marty McFly's Cumulus Mod
MooJ/Meedo's Clouds
nWo51289's Graphics Overhaul Clouds Beta v1 Image


oksa8's HUD & Radar Enabler/Disabler (Also able to disable car/zone name display among others)
ZAZ's Free Moving Camera (Alternative to SA Camhack 1.2)
444andrei444's Weather Manager (Select Weather)
Black Stallion's Wild Life (Adds wild animals in the countryside)
shemer's Starry Sky V2.0 (Adds realistic stars at night time)
Rapcentr's GTAIV Traffic
Ryosuke839's Skin Selector
Skript47's Map Loader Fix (Fixes flashing terrain when using a timecycle with a larger Draw Distance)
DK22's IV Lights 1.1
Sergey81's Increased Draw Distance of Peds and Vehicles
Ped/Vehicle Density Multiplier
Flame's Insect 2.0
fastman92's In-game Timecyc Editor (Edit timecycles ingame)
fastman92's Memory512.cs Memory1024.cs Memory2048.cs (Increase Stream Memory limit to 512mb, 1024mb or 2048mb. Check this link if you want to compile your own cleo streamfix. Thanks to oksa8 & methodunderg for compiling these scritps)


Alexander Blade's Stream Memory Fix
Alexander Blade's Motion Blur Advanced
Ryosuke839's ColorMod
Ryosuke839's Depth of Field Mirror (Thanks ivars! icon14.gif) (Works on select few cards) Mirror
Ryosuke839's Normal Map (Better lighting on peds, and allowing to attach normal maps. Mirror contains Source Code)
Ryosuke839's Display Settings Extender (Allow a higher resolution to be chosen which default SA doesn't offer)
Ryosuke839's BulletHole
Ryosuke839's Shell
Ryosuke839's VirtualIMG
Dexx's SA_Shadows.asi (Better ped shadows)
Dexx's SA_Lighting.asi (Better lighting on vehicles)
Darker Shadows d3d9.dll (Same effect can be achieved using Deji's Stream Ini Extender or Sacky's Limit Adjuster)
fastman92's IMG Limit Adjuster (Increases the limit to how many archives SA can load)
DK22's's ATI Lens Flare (Enables lens flare on ATI graphic cards)


Deji's Stream Ini Extender (Adds extra optional settings to the stream.ini including License Plate Filtering, Stencil Shadow Opacity etc)
Sacky's Limit Adjuster With NTAuthority's ENB Fix (Alternative to Stream Ini Extender, also able to increase hardcoded limits)
Stretchnutter's SA Camhack V1.2


fastman92's IMG Organizer 3.0 Info PHP Script (Split gta3.img into different archives by IDEs similar to how GTAIV archives are organised. IMG Limit Adjuster is required. New version splits gta_int.img as well. Download PHP Script to make your own)
nWo51289's gta3_splitter Info Files (Alternative to IMG Organiser, splits archives according to location and use. For example LA.img, vegetation.img etc. Also able to rebuild archives. Download Files to make your own script. IMG Limit Adjuster is required)


Dumbass-Production's Extended Shadows for PO 2010HQ (Adds shadows to trees that were missing in original PO 2010HQ Vegetation Mod)


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